Pencil Drawings & Fine Prints


These drawings are not 'artist's impressions'. They are faithful copies of your reference. They take time to study and draw and are not cheap. However, they are good value and that value will increase as the years roll by.

In money terms? Maybe, maybe not. But in sentimental and historical terms to you and those that will follow on, immeasurable. At this time, when genealogy is so popular, I really do believe it.
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Turn that favourite but fast fading photograph into an impressive hand drawn portrait.

These few examples illustrate the variety of commissions undertaken.
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Watch carefully as the image builds to the finished portrait.

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Your treasured photographs can be turned into a family heirloom for generations to come.

If you wish to talk about a work you would like to commission or to get some idea of the cost involved please contact me on 01474 813434.
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The portrait at the top of this page is to hang alongside this one, drawn 25 years earlier for the same client.

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For a family in The Netherlands.

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My mother-in-law, Eileen Neve, in 1911.

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My wife Margaret in 1943, as a little girl
holding her cat alongside her family.

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All in white, very simple and effective.

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A Sittingbourne couple and their Harley Davidson V-Rod.

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Some of my work on show at an Arts & Crafts evening at Yalding Primary School in Kent.

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Composed from four different photos taken at various times for an American couple.

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Drawn for a Christmas present in Vancouver, Canada.

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David Darby, racing his MV Agusta at Llandow, 1966.
Commissioned for David's 60th birthday present.

"Thanks a lot for your informations. I just like to address you my congratulations for your draws which are very beautiful."

Valerie Bortoluzzi
- Sagy, France